Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Engaged!!!

Well this weekend on the 22nd of August 2008 I asked Lisa Gunnell to marry me and she just happened to say yes! Since I'm sure that everyone is wondering how it went down...Here ya Go!

I did it up at Bear Lake on the Beach, and for the first time in my life I pulled off a surprise and she had NO idea it was coming! We went on a walk by the water and while we were walking I had my sister and her sister come down and lay roses on the beach so we’d find them on the way back. On each rose was a reason that I loved her...her smile....the fact that she tries to let me beat her at ping pong, but i still can't...she's so understanding and loving...etc.. At the first rose she looked at me and asked when I’d had the time to do this! It was pitch black and we had a flashlight, so she turned off the flashlight cuz she thought it was the only one and I was just being cute. Well we walked 10 more feet and there was another one. She said that she figured out what was going on about the 5th rose…and started crying. Well we got to the 12th rose and she picked it up and said ‘What no cute saying?!’ and I looked at her and said ‘Nope, this one is a verbal note!’ I told her that this week had been everything I had imagined it would be in regards to getting engaged, full of excitement and good anxiety, and that I loved her with all my heart and got down on one knee and asked if she’d marry me! She was crying, but said yes and then we just stood there and hugged for a while. She wouldn’t let go so I finally had to ask " Do you mind if I put on the ring!? " and then she hugged me again for a while and I had to say again...‘umm I think that there are people up at the cabin who are anxious to know your answer’ It’s been a lot of fun and we're super excited.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Carol Clawson

Carol Clawson passed away last week. Many of you won't know her and won't even blink but I wanted to write some of the memories I had of her and about some of the many regrets that I'm sure we all have.

Growing up I lived in Don and Carol's ward and every week after piano lessons I would go up and spend an hour or two eating and talking with her. It was a fun experience for me and I'm sure it meant a lot to her...or at least I hope it did and that I wasn't just an annoyance.

We moved and of course I stopped seeing her. She'd be around at some family functions and I'd give her a hug and she'd kiss me on my cheek, but not an every week thing. She got old and couldn't walk but she always had a smile and a kiss for me when I saw her. The sad thing and the thing I regret is not visiting more and seeing her smile and helping out more. I think we all have that regret through life. We all have desires to serve and help those in need, but we all get tied up in life and forget what's important because I'm sure that how well David sings this week isn't really going to help anyone in the long run.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hypothermia and broken fingers!

Well Jonathan and Mandy got into the blogisphere so I guess that means I'll have to start taking pictures and telling people about my lame life more now! I won't be outdone! But...seeming that I don't have a baby...I think I'm in trouble.

This weekend we, Lisa, Katie and my singles ward, went and floated the Provo river. Well it seemed like a good idea when I invited Lisa and Katie to go seeming that it has been hotter than Russia lately but ended up being just the opposite. It was good company and a lot of fun people were there, but the problem came when we didn't put in until 8 PM! The sun may have still been shining elsewhere, but we were in a canyon and it got cold QUICK! Us three put in last because we had been asked to 'take up the rear to make sure no one died' they may have rethought that had they known how much I hate water, especially cold water.

Things were going just fine until we got to the infamous bridge! Let's just say we didn't navigate it so well. We came out with 2 of us off our tubes, me very cold now, and Katie with a broken finger. After that with Katie saying she was going to barf and Lisa getting the beginnings of hypothermia we decided to get out and walk the rest of the river. And yes I'm going to blame it all on the girls. It's my blog I can do whatever I want to!

It was a fun trip and I'm glad that we went, but we will never go again unless we're in a raft or going down at 3 in the afternoon!